Is Your Child Custody Arrangement No Longer Working?

Children grow and circumstances change. The child custody arrangement that was hammered out just a few years ago may not reflect the realities of the lives you and the child's other parent are living now. A modification of child custody can help bring that arrangement up to date so it better suits what is going on now.

Fitness Of A Parent

Is your child's other parent not fit to raise him or her? Drug and alcohol problems, abuse and neglect, mental health issues and other problems can all prevent a parent from being able to fulfill even the most basic responsibilities he or she has to a child.

If you are concerned about the fitness of your child's other parent, we can help you pursue a modification of your current child custody arrangement.


Relocation is a common reason people request child custody modifications. In most cases, any move of more than 30 miles by a custodial parent requires a notification to the other parent, who then has 30 days to file the appropriate paperwork to oppose the move. We assist parents who wish to move away and those seeking to oppose changes to custody arrangements.

More Than 25 Years Of Experience Creating Positive Results

At Stadler Law Group, our firm offers experienced support to parents seeking to modify their child custody arrangements for whatever reason as well as parents seeking to fight modifications. With more than 25 years of experience, we know what the courts will look for when deciding whether to grant or deny a modification of child custody. We are strong litigators who will build the highly effective case you need.

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