Securing Fair Child Support

Every child deserves to have his or her needs met. Appropriate levels of child support can be the key to making that happen. The question then becomes, what is an appropriate amount of child support? That is a crucial question whether you are going through a divorce, facing a stand-alone child custody issue or seeking a modification of a child custody or support order.

Paying too much can leave a parent in financial straits. Paying too little can leave the custodial parent and the child wanting. We offer a balancing plan for these concerns.

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How Is Child Support Determined?

Child support is set using a formula contained in the state guidelines. The formula takes into account factors such as:

  • Each parent's gross income
  • The time each parent spends with the child
  • Costs of day care, medical care and other expenses

The formula is designed to treat everyone equally and create child support levels that work in many situations. But the formula cannot capture every unique aspect of every situation. This is where deviations from the guidelines can be helpful.

If there are unusual circumstances that you believe impact what is an appropriate level of child support in your situation, we can fight for a deviation. The state rarely is open to deviations, but our experience helps us act as highly effective advocates in such tough cases.

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At Stadler Law Group, we treat every client as an individual, not a case. By getting to know you and your individual circumstances, we understand what goals we realistically need to achieve. It also helps us build a strong case. Any potential deviation needs to be fully supported by the facts. Getting a full grasp of your situation allows us to answer any questions the court may have.

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