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Divorce, whether contested or uncontested, is an incredibly difficult process to go through. Key aspects of your life such as the time you get with your children and your finances are going to be redefined. You need to make smart choices about your divorce. We can help.

Our firm provides experienced and effective representation to people facing divorce and divorce-related issues such as:

  • Child custody — Every parent wants to protect their relationship with their children. We can help you secure the best possible child custody arrangement for your individual situation. We also help people pursue modifications when circumstances change and current orders no longer fit their lives.
  • Child support — Properly set child support obligations can be crucial for both parents and their children. For the child, having his or her needs met can contribute to a sense of security all children deserve. For the parent receiving support, having that contribution can help meet the child's needs. For the paying parent, we make sure that child support is set appropriately considering all circumstances. Our firm also assists those seeking modifications to child support levels when financial situations change.
  • Spousal supportAlimony can be essential after a divorce, but it can also be too burdensome. If alimony is appropriate for your situation, we can help ensure that the amount and duration are set in a way that works for you.
  • Property division — Let us help you protect your share of the marital estate. Making sure you leave the marriage with a fair share can provide you with a solid financial foundation on which to build the next chapter of your life.

We also help with a wide variety of related family law issues such as fathers' rights, parental alienation and same-sex divorce.

We Have The Experience You Can Count On

At Stadler Law Group, our firm has the decades of experience necessary to help you through your divorce. We will help you make a proactive plan for what you want to accomplish in your divorce to leave you well-prepared for the next chapter in your life. Our goal is to help you secure the results you need without incurring any more stress or cost than necessary. We are strong litigators who, when appropriate, also use tools like mediation to help us get the results you need.

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