Respect For Fathers

Fathers can end up with the short end of the stick when it comes to child custody and support. This does not have to happen to you. Our firm offers strong advocacy for fathers, fighting for fairness and understanding their concerns and needs.

You do not have to allow yourself to be victimized by antiquated perspectives on fathers and who is best suited to raise a child. We can help you take action to defend your rights and to help protect your children from potentially harmful situations.

We assist fathers with issues such as:

  • Child custody — Every father deserves equal time with his children. In situations where the mother's fitness to raise the children is in question, we can fight for sole custody, supervised visitation and other accommodations as well.
  • Child support — Fair child support obligations can be a major issue for fathers. They may be spending almost equal time with their children while being forced to pay an unfair share of the costs of raising them. We can help level the playing field.
  • Paternity — When paternity is in question, we can help you assert or deny being the child's father. Settling this key question is crucial to securing the outcomes you want regarding custody, visitation and support.

Fighting For Fathers For More Than 25 Years

At Stadler Law Group, we are proud to help fathers fight for their right to have time with their children, a say in how they are raised and appropriate child support levels. With more than 25 years of experience, we are strong litigators who know how to build highly effective cases that deliver the best possible results. In fact, many of the fathers we help come back to us years later to defend against attempts by the mother to gain more favorable custody and support arrangements. We can help you today and be there for you if you ever need us again.

Fathers' Rights Lawyer Serving Atlanta And Throughout Georgia

For representation that understands a father's needs, turn to Stadler Law Group, LLC. To schedule a free initial consultation with our attorney, call 404-631-6300 or contact us online.