Real Help With Child Custody Issues

Protecting your relationship with your child is a pre-eminent concern for parents who are splitting up or may have never been together. All parents deserve a strong advocate who can help them navigate the child custody process and secure the arrangements they need.

What Will The Court Look For?

The courts are looking to serve the best interests of the child. But what does that mean? What evidence will help you make the best case? Our decades of experience have taught us what the court is concerned with when making these types of determinations. From dealing with psychological evaluations to the various other aspects of a child custody determination, we know how to build strong cases, including how to fight adverse expert testimony.

Staying Reasonable On Costs While Achieving The Results You Need

Our firm understands the financial strain divorce and child custody determinations can cause. That is why we work hard to make prudent choices that keep costs down while still being highly effective.

More Than 25 Years Of Experience Make A Difference

At Stadler Law Group, we are skilled litigators who understand what it takes to fight and win for our clients when something as precious as their children are the subject of a dispute. Whether your case is part of a divorce or a legitimation or you need assistance with a modification, our experience can help create positive results for you.

We also want fathers out there to know that we have helped many dads out, and we understand fathers' rights and the specific issues and worries they may have when facing a child custody matter. Let us help level the playing field for you.

Child Custody Lawyer Serving Atlanta And Throughout Georgia

If custody of your child is on the line, turn to Stadler Law Group, LLC. To schedule a free initial consultation with our attorney, call 404-631-6300 or contact us online.