Parental Alienation

Parental alienation is a real syndrome recognized by psychiatrists and counselors alike. Often after a divorce, a child may have feelings of bitterness, hatred or uncommon rejection or distancing toward one parent. This is especially true if the other parent has painted a picture of an unfit parent or an evil ex-spouse. This alienation can have serious effects on your relationship with your child as well as your own mental health and well-being. It is important that you learn to recognize these signs and contact an attorney if you sense that something is wrong.

You can take certain legal actions if your ex-spouse accuses you of doing something that you are not. If your ex is telling your child that you are domestically violent or making false claims of sexual abuse, you may be able to file a modification to a child custody order and have a court recognize the other parent as unfit. Likewise, if a mentally abusive ex-spouse is causing serious turmoil between you and your children, you may be able to contact the Department of Family Services and work with an attorney to adjust custody orders.

Working With An Atlanta Divorce Attorney

Although this time in your life may be difficult to deal with, it is important that you work with an attorney who can help protect your future and your relationship with your kids. Our Atlanta divorce attorneys strongly believe that you are entitled to your rights as a parent and they should never be revoked or denied because of a jealous or envious ex-spouse. With over 20 years of experience assisting couples and families throughout the Atlanta and Alpharetta area, you can rest assured that we will do all that can be done to help you in your family law case. Contact our firm today to speak with an attorney.