Divorce Mediation

Avoiding Litigation

Are you looking to split from your spouse? Not all divorces are ugly, and while there may still be some emotional upsets, some divorcing couples can come to negotiable terms about custody, support and alimony or division of assets. As a civil alternative to litigation, Georgia recognizes divorce mediation as a valid alternative for disputed divorces. Deciding to use mediation can work for you if you and your spouse are on speaking terms and are willing to work through the divorce together. If a separating couple can come to agreements on their own with the help of a divorce mediator, a court will recognize these agreements as valid.

Mediation can be a wonderful alternative to litigation. An attorney from our firm can help you mediate your divorce case. Through private mediation with our firm, you can work through disputes before they are filed with a court. Any agreements made during these private mediations will become legally binding through an attorney's help and you will be held liable for these agreements once both parties have signed the document. These agreements can be modified, however, with the assistance of divorce lawyer.

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At Stadler Law Group, we understand that this time in your life can be difficult and filled with emotion, but the decision to work through your divorce with mediation is a step in the right direction. Mediation can greatly benefit both parties and help you avoid messy litigation post-divorce. Stadler Law Group, LLC has over 20 years of experience dealing with mediation and family law cases. With the guidance of a trusted Atlanta divorce lawyer at our firm, we can help you work through your divorce and reach a favorable outcome in a timely manner. Contact an Atlanta divorce attorney as soon as possible!