What Determines Child Support Payments in Atlanta?

The calculations for determining child support changed in Georgia starting January 1, 2007. There is now an income-sharing approach to calculating the amount of child support that must be paid. The mother and father's income are placed into a mathematical equation to decide how much the non-custodial parent must pay to the custodial parent. The court will look at both incomes and find a gross annual income for each party and make a determination accordingly. On top of looking at income from each parent, they look into other earnings such as:

  • Bonuses
  • Commissions
  • Trust income
  • Gifts
  • Severance pay
  • Capital gains

These various income sources along with many others play a part in the determination of how much a parent will pay in child support. There will be a ratio made and if the non-custodial spouse makes double the earnings than the custodial spouse, he or she will be paying more than if the roles were reversed. When coming up with child support orders, the income and earnings of the parents are not the only factors considered. The expenses of the child have to be taken into account as well, expenses such as the child's:

  • Health insurance
  • Travel expenses
  • Extraordinary expenses
  • Child care

On top of the expenses of the child, visitation time is a factor as well as mortgage payments and alimony. The calculating of child support is not a simple task but to ensure that your rights are protected when dealing with this aspect of a divorce or separation, contact an Atlanta divorce lawyer who is experienced with cases like yours. It is very easy to become overwhelmed and confused by the rules that guide the child support order which is why it is crucial to have a knowledgeable representative by your side throughout the process. Do you need an attorney for your child support case in Atlanta? If you are going through a divorce contact an attorney from Stadler Law Group, LLC today! We are ready to represent you and your needs in your divorce case!

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