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Dads: Custody rights are shared in 2018

Dads often worry about losing their children in divorce, but in 2018, it's not as much of a risk as it once was. Mothers and fathers share many of the responsibilities at home, and that includes child rearing. It's no longer the case that the man goes to work while his wife stays at home to watch the children. Times have changed, and that gives you a better chance of obtaining a fair share of custody.

Child custody given to grandparents as drug addictions rage on

Grandparents have been gearing up for another round of child rearing as the opioid epidemic rages on across the country. At a time when many may be planning on winding down and preparing for retirement bliss, a large number of grandparents find themselves in the middle of child custody cases. In Georgia and in other states, studies show that children adjust better under the care of grandparents than in foster homes.

Filing joint taxes may be the best option during a divorce

Even though a martial break up is forthcoming in the near future, couples who are still legally married may continue to file joint tax returns. There are several factors to consider whether this is the best option for those who are soon to be divorced. In Georgia and other states, couples in the process of a divorce but who are still married at the end of the year may file together.

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