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Maintaining safety in school during child custody disputes

There are many misconceptions made by school authorities regarding noncustodial parents, but the most common is the assumption that parents communicate with each other. There are two types of child custody, physical and legal. A parent with physical custody has physical custody of the child the majority of the time. In Georgia and elsewhere, parents with legal custody have the authority to make decisions regarding a child's education. The Family Educational Rights Privacy Act typically allows both parents access to school records, while most states have their own laws regarding this issue as well.

Relinquishing financial duties may complicate gray divorce

For generations, women have declared their equality to men, insisting their husbands share household chores and child-rearing duties. Women in Georgia are a strong force in the workplace, and men have learned to relish stay-at-home responsibilities. The roles of men and women within opposite sex marriages have equalized in many areas, but one glaring weakness may leave older women vulnerable in the event of a divorce.

Opioid addiction leaves child custody in limbo

While the current presidential administration is espousing a get-tough approach targeting drug dealers, doctors and pharmacists, critics say it is not helping those who are suffering from addiction. Recent surveys revealed that Americans believe more focus should be on treatment for the addict instead of prosecution. When parents are in and out of treatment facilities, their children are often left in limbo. In Georgia and other states, more substance abusing parents are having their child custody rights severed.

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