Can I Get a Modification to my Child Support or Custody order?

The main reason that the court will grant a child support or child custody modification is if there has been a change in the circumstances since the original order. There are instances wherein you can seek a modification without a change in circumstances, but that does not occur as often. Some of the changes in circumstances that the court will consider a modification for, include:

  • Losing a job making you unable to pay the child support obligation
  • Change in the financial cost of raising the child (expensive medical needs)
  • The physical condition of the parent making them unable to care for the child adequately
  • A parent re-marrying and seeing how the new situation affects the child
  • A parent being convicted of a crime
  • Instances of child abuse
  • Relocation of a custodial parent
  • Child's request to change custodial parent (if they are a certain age)

The court may consider changing the orders if there is a change that affects the best interests of the child. For help determining if this is the case for you, contact an Atlanta family law attorney from Stadler Law Group, LLC.

If parents together want to make a modification, the process can be much easier. They will present the change that they wish to make to the court, who will generally approve it. As long as there is not a strong or compelling reason not to approve it, the modification should be approved and become enforceable in court. It is only when one parent is seeking a modification that there needs to be significant reasoning to do so. The court can make changes without significant reasoning, but only once in every two-year period after the initial order was made. If you are interested in receiving a modification or a child support or child custody order, contact Stadler Law Group, LLC and schedule a free case evaluation!

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