Airline miles are considered marital assets in property division

Even though divorce rates have declined, 40 to 50 percent of couples wind up in divorce court. A staggering 73 percent of Americans believe that divorce is acceptable. Divorce signifies the separation of a household and the end of a union, but it also means the separation of assets and property division. In Georgia and other states, airline miles may be marital assets during a divorce.

Marriages that are headed for divorce may have to split airline miles along with other marital assets. If a couple earned miles or reward points during their marriage, then those rewards may be considered marital property. Distribution of miles in a community property state would be split evenly, but in an equitable distribution state, the courts would decide what a fair division would be.

If either spouse has accumulated hundreds of thousands of miles, it may be beneficial to have this included in the marital asset split. There are several ways to divvy up points, but there may be fees involved. Paying a small onetime fee to transfer points is a small price to pay for those who have amassed a stockpile of valuable points and miles. In a situation where points cannot be split, people can negotiate a cash settlement for the coveted points.

Unfortunately, divorce is often messy and can devastate one financially. In fact, divorce can be as upsetting as losing a loved one. While the marriage may be over, it is essential to protect one's share of the marital assets. In Georgia, it may be beneficial to secure an attorney who is well informed about all areas of property division, including airline miles and hotel points.

Source: wise, "How to Divide Rewards and Keep Your Sanity in Divorce", Holly Johnson, Jan. 25, 2018

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